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Risk Management & the Art of Primary Care

Essential information about risk management, managed care, and the development of physician-patient relationships.

Currently available as on-line lectures only. These are:

1. Risk Management & the Art of Medicine

2. A Guide to the Secrets of Never-sued Physicians

To take either course and earn CME credit go to

The Many Faces of Family Violence

Recognition and management of one of the most important public health issues of our time. An authoritative and comprehensive discussion of the interrelated issues of child abuse, spouse abuse, and elder abuse. The CD is not currently available but you may click the thumbnail picture at left for information about family violence.

Clinical Communication and Risk Management Strategies for Emergency Medicine

Essential information about effective use of communication and minimizing malpractice risk in managing emergency department patients.

Currently available as an on-line lecture only.

It is called EMTALA Update and is designed for all emergency physicians and specialists who take emergency call. To take the course and earn CME credit go to