The Many Faces of Family Violence

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These are the main topic headings for "The Many Faces of Family Violence." Taken together, they form a coherent picture of the spectrum of family violence.

This program is unique in helping health care providers recognize how intrafamilial abuse affects each generation and become conversant with the full range of management options for both victims and abusers.

Main Interface

This is the main text display window for the program. The large buttons at the bottom of the page allow access to prior and next pages, and permit scrolling down the page. The buttons at the right edge of the screen are activated for access to first-person accounts, video interview clips, or graphic elements (graphs, tables, photographs) when these are available.

The Menu button is always present, and permits access to program search, recent page navigation, CME scores, printing, bookmarks, and program exit.

Video Interviews

Excerpts of seven videotaped interviews appear throughout the program. Those interviewed include two victims, a batterer, a victim therapist, a batterer therapist, a physician advocate, and a dentist.


A very special section of the program showcases the art of one survivor of family violence. It is accompanied by original music and can be viewed either as a video or as individual images that are accompanied by the artist's explanations. These images tell a very personal story, and create an emotional connection to the survivors of family violence.